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Struggling to find an in-person appointment? Don’t have time to go to the clinic? Book a convenient, hassle-free online appointment with a WELL Clinics telehealth service near you. 

At the WELL Health Clinic Network, we provide quick and convenient access to the care you need. Our dedicated healthcare providers are committed to delivering exceptional virtual care.  

Your Telehealth Questions Answered

Also called virtual care, telehealth connects patients and healthcare providers using technology. Telehealth appointments allow patients to consult with a doctor or other healthcare providers, like a therapist, without an in-person visit, whether by phone, video, or secure messaging. 

Telehealth has become popular in recent years thanks to virtual care’s flexibility and convenience. Telehealth helps save patients time, allowing many appointments to take place without having to rearrange work or plans to travel to their local clinic, also helping those with mobility issues.  

While telehealth offers remarkable benefits to both patients and physicians, in-person care remains important and often more appropriate. During a telehealth consultation, or even before, a physician may indicate an in-person appointment or follow-up is required.  



National Telehealth 

To talk to a licensed online therapist from anywhere in Canada via phone, video, or text therapy, book with Focus Mental Wellness.  

Regional Telehealth 

Residents of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario can skip the waiting room and book an online appointment with a doctor through our VirtualClinic+ telehealth service. 

Ontario Telehealth 

WELL Health Diagnostic Centres in Ontario offers Cardiology Now, connecting patients with Ontario cardiologists for telehealth consultations.  

Yes, during a telehealth appointment, your physician can prescribe medications if deemed appropriate. With VirtualClinic+, prescriptions can be delivered for free or sent to a pharmacy of your choice for pick-up.  

If lab tests are necessary, your physician can provide a lab requisition, which will be sent to you after your telehealth appointment. Following the lab visit, a follow-up appointment may be required to discuss the results, which can be booked separately. 

Your physician will also discuss possible options for referrals to specialists during your appointment and may make a referral if appropriate.

In general, telehealth services where you speak to a primary care physician are covered by the provincial health plans in British Columbia (MSP), Alberta (AHCIP), and Ontario (OHIP). 

Although telehealth services like VirtualClinic+ are covered, different provincial regulations apply. For example, in Ontario, to book a telehealth appointment, you need to be a ‘rostered’ patient of a particular physician. VirtualClinic+ patients in other provinces will receive a receipt that may be reimbursed through a health spending account or additional extended or private insurance. 

For mental health services like Focus Mental Wellness, this is not currently covered by any provincial health insurance. However, Focus Mental Wellness offers affordable services compared to in-person therapy, and you can both book and pay online. And Focus Mental Wellness services are covered by most extended benefits. 


You can use the WELL Clinics website to find telehealth services near you.Select the button below to use our clinic map to find and book a telehealth appointment.