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Primary Care

Looking for a primary care clinic near you? The WELL Health Clinic Network is the largest in Canada, with over primary care clinics in five provinces and counting.   

At the WELL Health Clinic Network, we provide quick and convenient access to the care you need. And our walk-in and family doctors are committed to delivering exceptional care, assisting you every step of the way.   


Primary Care Near You

Your Primary Care Questions Answered

In Canada, primary care serves as the initial point of contact for general healthcare needs.  This includes diagnosis, treatment, chronic disease management, health promotion, preventive care, and education. Primary care providers, including family physicians and nurse practitioners, coordinate patient care and manage referrals, ensuring smooth transitions between healthcare settings and maintaining continuity of care. 

Accessible primarily through provincial insurance plans, primary care in Canada emphasizes patient-centeredness, comprehensiveness, and coordination. However, in some provinces, private primary care options are also available, offering additional avenues for healthcare access. 

Within the WELL Health Clinic Network, a primary care clinic is a location that offers one or both of family practice and walk-in services, providing accessible and convenient care for a wide range of healthcare needs. 

Primary care clinics can help patients with routine care such as appointments for the following:  

To help provide our patients with convenient and comprehensive care, many of our primary care clinics are considered WELL Health Medical Centres, where you’ll also find specialists and allied health professionals all under one roof.  

For example, at many WELL Health primary care clinics, specialists in everything from internal medicine and aesthetic dermatology to immunology & allergy can also operate in the same location as physiotherapists, other allied health professionals and walk-in and family doctors.  


Our primary care clinics prioritize better healthcare experiences for both patients and healthcare providers by using the latest technology, with many locations allowing patients options such as:   

  • Quickly make, change, and cancel appointments with online booking  
  • Access your medical records and get appointment reminders 
  • Spend less time waiting by pre-booking your walk-in appointment 
  • Better in-clinic experiences with self-check-in and digital wayfinding 
  • Gain flexibility and better accessibility with telehealth options 


To learn more about what makes the WELL Health Clinic Network unique in Canadian healthcare, visit our About Us page.

You can use the WELL Clinics website to find a primary care clinic near you. Select the button below to visit our clinic map to see our primary care clinics and book an appointment.