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Your Physiotherapy Questions Answered

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, improves movement, function, and overall well-being. It involves various therapeutic techniques, exercises, and manual therapies to address injuries, disabilities, or musculoskeletal conditions. Physiotherapy helps alleviate pain, restore mobility, and enhance physical strength and flexibility.  

It is often used in rehabilitation after surgery or injury, managing chronic conditions, or promoting wellness. Skilled physiotherapists assess and tailor treatment plans to meet individual needs.

In Canada, physiotherapists are not considered doctors. But they are highly trained healthcare professionals specializing in assessing, diagnosing, and treating various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.  

Physios, and other allied health professionals, work collaboratively with primary care physicians, complementing their treatment by providing specialized rehabilitative services, promoting physical function, and optimizing overall well-being. 

This depends, if you are attending your very first physio appointment then it’s likely that your physiotherapist will talk to you about the reasons you booked an appointment. There will likely be a physical examination, so it’s best to wear comfortable clothes that give you freedom of movement. Your physiotherapist will then create an appropriate treatment plan.

To get the most from physiotherapy, your physio may suggest you do at-home exercises between appointments.

At follow-up physio appointments, your treatment will likely be based on your personalized plan and how your body reacts.

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