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Your Gynecology Questions Answered

Gynecology, also spelled gynaecology, is the medical specialty focused on the health of the female reproductive system. Gynecology encompasses a range of services, including preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment of reproductive health issues.  

Many gynecologists are trained to provide inclusive care, extending their expertise to support trans and non-binary patients. This includes offering services for those seeking gender-affirming care and ensures a respectful approach to diverse reproductive health needs. 

Gynecologists deal with all aspects of female reproductive health, including sexual health, like preventive care, cancer screenings, and physical exams.  

In general, gynecologists provide many of the following medical services, although different clinics vary:  

  • Pap tests 
  • Pelvic exams 
  • STI testing 
  • Contraceptive counseling 
  • IUD insertions & IUD removals 
  • Contraceptive implant procedures 


Gynecologists help diagnose and manage conditions like: 

  • Painful periods 
  • Ovarian cysts 
  • Pelvic masses 


In some cases, gynecologists can perform or refer patients for surgical management of some conditions. And many gynecologists can specialize in specific areas, for example, issues related to perimenopause and menopause. 

You should expect a pelvic exam during your clinic visit, the aim is to complete a comprehensive assessment in one session. However, some patients opt for a follow-up visit for a pelvic, this is optional and your choice.  

Patients can ask for a chaperone during their examination, this can be a friend, partner, or even medical office staff. If you wish to have a member of the clinic staff act as a chaperone, please inform the clinic staff in advance.  

Even during your period, a pelvic exam is possible, though a pap test may not be. Both IUD insertions and endometrial biopsies can still be performed during your period too.  

Please note, that at our WELL Health – Gynecology Centres location in Vancouver, consultations are 30 minutes, and all patients are required to confirm their appointments ahead of time. All patients are also asked to arrive 15 minutes before their appointment.  

A referral from a family doctor, nurse practitioner, or another specialist is needed to see a gynecologist. Once the gynecologist has received your referral, the clinic will contact you to arrange an appointment.  

You can use the WELL Clinics website to quickly find a gynecology clinic near you, select ‘Find a Clinic’ to get started. If you are already a patient with a WELL Health gynecologist, you can use the WELL Clinics website to book an appointment.