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Diagnostic Imaging

Looking for medical imaging? WELL Health Diagnostic Centres provide quick and convenient access to the diagnostic care you need. Our dedicated healthcare providers are committed to delivering exceptional care, assisting you every step of the way.  

Diagnostic Imaging Near You

Your Diagnostic Imaging Questions Answered

Diagnostic imaging refers to various medical techniques used to produce visual representations of the body for diagnostic purposes. Diagnostic imaging encompasses a range of imaging methods such as X-rays, PET/CT scans, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine scans. 

In Ontario, WELL Health Diagnostic Centres offer a wide range of imaging services including: 


Throughout the rest of Canada, WELL Health Medical & Longevity Centres offer diagnostic imaging, although these diagnostic procedures are not covered by provincial insurance and instead are offered on a private basis or as part of specialized Longevity memberships.  

Preparing for your diagnostic imaging appointment involves ensuring you understand what to expect during the procedure and how to best prepare yourself.  

In most cases, your family doctor or nurse practitioner will usually provide guidance on what to expect.  

When you attend your appointment, a technologist from the diagnostic clinic will guide you through each step and ensure your comfort throughout the process. 

You will need a referral or requisition for most diagnostics appointments. And referrals or requisitions for diagnostic tests typically come from your primary care provider, usually your family doctor or nurse practitioner. In some cases, another healthcare professional, such as a walk-in doctor may also provide a referral or requisition.  

Your healthcare provider will assess your medical needs and determine if diagnostic imaging is necessary for further evaluation or treatment.  

They will then provide you with a referral or requisition form, which you can take to the imaging facility of your choice. You can then use the WELL Clinics website to find an appropriate diagnostic clinic near you.  

You can use the WELL Clinics website to find a diagnostic clinic near you, select the button below to visit our clinic map and search for the specific diagnostic test you need.