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Your Cardiology Questions Answered

A cardiology consultation is a comprehensive heart evaluation with a cardiologist.

Cardiology consultations are vital in diagnosing and treating heart conditions. Cardiologists can also help educate patients on lifestyle changes required to prevent a heart condition from worsening or to improve recovery.

Usually, your family doctor or nurse practitioner will request a cardiology consultation on your behalf based on your symptoms and medical history, although a general internist or another specialist may also be able to refer you. 

Cardiology consultations help diagnose and treat heart conditions. Cardiology consultations can also aid early detection of health conditions that could lead to heart problems.

Not all patients who schedule consultations have existing heart conditions. Some patients consult a cardiologist as a preventative measure because we become more prone to cardiovascular diseases as we age. Regular consultations with a cardiologist can monitor the heart for signs of changing health.

Ideally, everyone should undergo a periodic cardiology consultation primarily because early heart conditions typically do not display obvious symptoms.

For example, stage B congestive heart failure (CHF) is asymptomatic, making a diagnosis difficult without routine cardiac diagnostic tests. Without timely medical intervention, the condition will likely progress to a point when the patient begins to display symptoms, such as breathing difficulty and fatigue.

It is possible to prevent many cardiovascular diseases, and cardiology consultations help you know your risk of developing a condition. And those with a heart condition need to undergo a cardiology consultation so that treatment can begin immediately.

Cardiology consultations vary but typically include an interview, physical examination, other examinations as required, and a diagnosis of any conditions.  

However, preparation for the consultation is also an important step. To maximize the benefits of your cardiology consultation, you are encouraged to: 

  • Prepare a list of any medications  
  • Bring results of other medical exams and tests 
  • Note any questions for you to ask the cardiologist 
  • Create a complete list of symptoms, including their severity and when they started to show 

During your cardiology consultation 

The cardiologist will conduct an interview, perform a physical examination, and may order additional tests.  

Your consultation may include taking blood pressure, weight, and height measurements. You may also undergo an echocardiogram (ECHO) and other tests like blood tests, x-rays, or stress tests if required.  

After your cardiology consultation

Once the cardiologist has collected all the necessary information, you will receive a diagnosis and treatment options, which can include:  

  • Lifestyle changes: smoking cessation, healthy diet, and physical activity 
  • Medications: to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and other risk factors 
  • Procedures: angioplasty and coronary artery bypass grafting 
  • Cardiac rehabilitation  

For more information about what to expect at your cardiology consultation, visit myhealthcentre.ca 

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