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WELL Health is the largest clinic network in Canada, combining 180+ clinics with leading telehealth services. Our network ensures convenient and accessible care for you and your loved ones whenever and wherever you need it.

Aspiring to be Canada’s most accessible healthcare

Experience healthcare without barriers. Whether you’re looking for a family doctor or specialist, or reside in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, or Québec – even if life's demands or health limit mobility – WELL is committed to delivering Canada's most accessible care.

WELL supports our providers, so they can care for you

With thousands of providers in our network, WELL Health supports primary care physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, and allied healthcare professionals empowering them to do what they do best, helping you and your loved ones receive the best possible care.

Caring for millions, our commitment to data security

At WELL, we take your well-being and privacy seriously. We deliver care to over 6 million patients annually and, as a leader in Canadian healthcare, we take this responsibility for safeguarding patient data to heart.

Digitizing your healthcare experiences

Experience hassle-free healthcare with the WELL Health Clinic Network. Embracing digital, we are reshaping healthcare to prioritize your convenience. Say goodbye to calling your clinic and waiting on hold with online booking, self-check-in, and tools that empower you and save time.